Faculty who are builders belong here.

Professors always want their students to succeed. However, at many institutions, creative, enthusiastic faculty are stifled by bureaucracy, silos or antiquated thinking.

Bellevue University is different. Our passion for student success fuels a culture of collaboration and innovation. Faculty, leadership and administration come together for betterment of our students.

If you’re excited to build relationships, build engaging learning experiences, and build your professional expertise, you belong at Bellevue University.


Your perspective is welcome.

At Bellevue University, we welcome everyone’s new ideas. You might join us as an adjunct, a full-time faculty member, a program director or a dean. Regardless of where you start, we want you involved in new teaching practices and contributing new program ideas or technology solutions to help our students get the most out of learning.

Rebecca Murdock, Ed.D., MBA | Dean, College of Business
Our faculty advance the greater good through student interactions and teaching expertise. What makes Bellevue University different is that at the same time, professors find fulfillment in bringing forward new ideas without the frustration of roadblocks.

Students are eager for what you bring to the table.

Not only is our university non-traditional, our students are, too.

Some students are fresh out of high school. But most are adult learners who have been around the block in education and in life. And they’re not just students – they have busy jobs, are raising kids, and are in service to the military or their communities.

To build better lives, our students need professors who have the academic credentials – and the real world experience -- to help get them get ready for all that employers will demand.

Faculty Portrait

"To me, people matter and you need to know people to empower them and help them achieve their goals. At Bellevue University, every professor knew every student and they truly cared about seeing their students excel."

Faculty Portrait

"As a professor at Bellevue University, I get a direct sense of the effect I have on peoples’ lives. I’m so glad that Bellevue University is here for people who decided college wasn’t for them right away. Regardless of when you enroll, this is a place where you can gain the confidence you need to succeed in life and the knowledge to protect it."

Our faculty make an impact and experience a process of self-discovery because they’re empowered to try new approaches.
Mary Dobransky, Ed.D., MS | Dean, College of Science and Technology

Students’ career goals matter – and so do yours.

Bellevue University faculty teach students – but they also design programs, publish papers, conduct research, pilot new technology and help shape university operations. All these options mean that while you’re helping students meet their goals, you can meet your career goals, too.

Depending upon your qualifications and your interests, you can teach in associate to doctoral degree programs. And, with more than 85 programs and 90% of our students attending fully online, you can contribute from virtually anywhere.

Introduce yourself! If you’re interested in teaching at Bellevue University, please check our current openings or contact CareerServices@sensetw.com.