CLEP and DSST exams offer students a cost-effective and efficient way to apply their knowledge gained outside of traditional classrooms, such as through personal research, 在职培训, 独立学习, 工作, or military experience to achieve their educational goals. 的se exams are recognized by over 2,000 colleges and universities, including those associated with 大学委员会, and can earn students college credits.

CLEP and DSST exams are developed by college faculty committees who design questions based on material typically covered in lower–level college courses. 的 大学委员会 administers the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Prometric sponsors the DSST测试程序.

For further information contact the 测试中心:
800.756.7920 Ext. 557.7428
参观 Center 页面.

We highly recommend students check with a student coach, 顾问, or registrar of their chosen university prior to taking CLEP or DSST exams to ensure the exam will meet the institution's degree requirements.

免费CLEP & DSST课程资料

Bellevue 大学 is an authorized National 测试 Center for CLEP and DSST.


  • Please check with your student coach/顾问 prior to taking any of these exams to ensure the test meets your degree requirements.
  • We recommend that you take only one (1) and no more than two (2) tests in one day.
  • CLEP and DSST scores are Pass/Fail; they do NOT affect GPA.
  • Credits earned do not count toward the 30 credits of Bellevue 大学 in-residence classes required to be eligible for academic honors.
  • All CLEP and DSST tests fulfill lower level credit except as noted.
  • If you wish to transfer scores to another institution, contact that institution for their policy on testing for college credits.
  • If you fail a CLEP test you must wait 3个月 before you are eligible to retake the same test title.
  • If you fail a DSST test you must wait 30天 before you are eligible to retake the same test title.

Bellevue 大学 图书馆 资源 for Test Preparation

If you need research materials to help you study for your DSST or CLEP tests please visit the Bellevue 大学 免费的man/Lozier 图书馆. We have many of the materials listed as “Reference 公共ations” on your Fact Sheet/Study Guide and we will be happy to help you find the study materials that you need. When visiting the library, please be aware of the following:

  • You must be a currently registered student and/or have a library user card to check out materials. If you are a student who is not registered at Bellevue 大学, please call our 图书馆 Outreach Staff at 1.402.557.7311 or the Reference Staff at 1.402.557.7313. You may be able to purchase a Community 图书馆 User Card.
  • 学生 may also borrow materials from a public library or through interlibrary loan. DSST Reference 公共ations that our 图书馆 does not own may be borrowed (through our interlibrary loan service) from another library for a small charge.
  • Although the 免费的man/Lozier 图书馆 tries to purchase most of the DSST “Reference 公共ations,” we do not have all of them. Any standard text in the subject area is probably appropriate, so please ask us for help in locating other texts.
  • You may check out only one recommended DSST book per subject area from the Bellevue 大学 图书馆.
  • We have several CLEP books available for circulation and in Reference. We have some subject guides, but any standard text in the subject area is probably appropriate.
  • Sometimes all materials on your subject area may be already checked out. You can request that we put materials on hold for you and once they return, we will hold them for you and call you to pick them up. Materials must be picked up within three days. We can also mail items to you for a small charge.
  • Please be considerate of other students and return books on time. Also be aware that you may not renew materials if they are on hold for another student.