Bellevue University Scholarship Program

Like many students you may be wondering about how to pay for college. Bellevue University assists incoming and returning students at the undergraduate level who have financial need. Scholarships can help to make college affordable. A few scholarships are also available for international students, students pursuing a graduate level degree, or those studying at a distance.

Scholarships you receive are considered part of your total financial aid package and unlike a loan, do not need to be paid back. Scholarships may be awarded to cover or subsidize the costs of attending college including tuition and fees, books, living expenses, and other educational expenses. Scholarship providers may direct how the money is to be used. Application requirements and deadlines are posted on the individual scholarships. In addition to need-based scholarships:

  • Merit-based scholarships are available to recognize outstanding academic achievement by incoming freshmen.
  • Participation in extracurricular activities and personal recommendations are other considerations for applicants.
  • Specific degree programs may offer scholarships.
  • Athletics, eSports, art, and special projects award scholarships for exceptional ability.
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The Scholarship Application Process is Simple

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To help match your profile to available scholarships, Bellevue University uses the CommunityForce Online scholarship application.


Renewable Scholarships

Renewable scholarships are select scholarships that can be earned by undergraduate students year-over-year for 4-5 years or until you earn a bachelor's degree, if certain conditions are met.

Outside Scholarships

In addition to our institutional scholarship program at Bellevue University, we also gather information from outside sources and donors offering scholarship opportunities. Some scholarship requirements are very general while eligibility for others is specific to you and your particular interests including the degree you are seeking, education level or year in the program, state of residence or place of origin, future career goals, etc.

Outside Sources and Donors Offering Scholarships

Are you a current student facing a financial emergency?

You might qualify for an Emergency Grant.

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