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What can an arts and humanities degree do for your future? Maybe you’re in pursuit of a career where your imagination and creative thinking don’t take a back seat. Maybe you love to study history and want to discover how the past influences the future of our diverse communities. Bellevue University offers transfer-friendly arts and humanities degrees that mesh with your life. Our curriculum is skills-driven to better prepare you for real jobs. Learn from professors who are dedicated to your success and steeped in industry knowledge, so that you enter the workforce with confidence. Explore your options today.

Real degree benefits

  • Transfer in more of your college credits to avoid repeating courses
  • Get real-time learning through skills-driven curriculum
  • Learn from professors with real-world experience
  • Apply what you're learning to potential internships and shadowing opportunities

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Graduate with real work samples.

These days, having a professional portfolio of work examples is necessary for securing a job in any field – especially creative fields. Arts and humanities degree programs at Bellevue University include opportunities to create valuable work that you can present to potential employers. Whether they want to see your design prowess, your writing skills or your multidisciplinary drive, you’ll have something amazing to show them when you graduate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arts and humanities degrees can prepare you for many creative and innovative jobs. A degree in the areas of arts and humanities from Bellevue University equips you with the top skills needed for careers in communication, graphic design, history and more. You can apply these skills in corporate settings, politics, teaching, design, marketing, public relations agencies or entrepreneurship – to name a few. Click on a degree above to start exploring your options.

A degree in the area of arts and humanities offers you tangible, sought-after skills that can be applied directly to the real world to help you stand out in a variety of careers and industries. Also, with Bellevue University, your program is offered in affordable and convenient ways. Accelerated cohorts, online or on campus, save you not only money, but also valuable time, allowing you to invest both further into your future

Earning a bachelor’s in an arts and humanities field can prepare you for a position with more responsibility and advancement in your chosen industry – and can put you on the path to a master’s degree in many areas. To discuss a plan for the career you want, reach out to us today.

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