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Public and Human Services

Find your flexible degree for making a difference.

Do you want a career that allows you to protect and advocate for individuals, communities, businesses or causes? Pursue one of our public and human services degrees, online or on campus. Experience innovative, skills-based teaching from knowledgeable faculty who care about your success as you gain real-world knowledge and experience to take with you as you work to better your community. You can continue taking care of job and family responsibilities within a public and human services degree program that’s built for your life as a busy adult.

Real benefits of public and human service degrees

  • Transfer your credits from an accredited institution to save time and money on your bachelor’s degree
  • Get real-time learning through internships and shadowing opportunities
  • Learn from professors with connections to agencies and nonprofits
  • Enter a master’s program without taking the GRE or other standardized tests

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Behavioral Health Continuing Education

Training, Certification in Drug and Alcohol and Addictions Counseling

Learn how to become a licensed drug and alcohol counselor via noncredit courses offered by Bellevue University. These quality CEU programs, including SUDTE, LADC, and SASSI 4, meet State of Nebraska standards and of the National Association for Addiction Professionals, required for licensed drug, alcohol and substance abuse counselors. Professional case workers, clergy and others can get critical training also in problem gambling specialties, approved by the Nebraska Council on Compulsive Gambling.

Make a difference in a growing profession.

Earn CEUS, certificates, licensure in Addictions Counseling.

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Build your ethical base through practical application and curriculum.

Bellevue University prides itself on giving students a practical, real-world education. Not only will you gain the on-the-job skills for a public or social service job through field work and projects, you’ll also learn about ethical responsibility. Already in public or social service? The coursework in our public and human services programs can help you see your role in a new light and build on the experience you have as an advocate, servant and protector in your community.

No barriers so you can start helping those who need it most

Bellevue University makes attaining your human services degree as streamlined as possible. No standardized tests such as SAT and ACT are required for entry on the bachelor’s level, nor are any GRE or GMAT needed for the master’s level. You can be part of change that affects lives and creates hope for people who truly need it with few-to-no barriers in your way. If you’re a person who values the impact you have on others, human services and public services degrees can prepare you for an exciting, fulfilling vocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Human services degrees combine a passion for helping people with a commitment to ethical justice and/or humanitarian service. The field of human services has many avenues for rewarding careers in public and private sectors.

Your career options are many with this people-focused field of study. Depending on your human services degree, you could gain skills that would help you in the role of a social worker, nonprofit employee, legal professional, public safety officer, emergency professional or counselor. Some of these careers may require more training or licensure examinations.

At Bellevue University, learning experiences are intentionally designed to invite diverse thinking and civil discourse about current, as well as potential future issues facing society. This means students graduate with well-rounded perspectives and critical thinking skills needed in the workplace.

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