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The natural sciences at Bellevue University alongside our state-of-the-art laboratories offer many exciting opportunities for undergraduate students whether their goal is graduate school, Professional School, or the job market.

The Natural Science Center of Excellence within Bellevue University's College of Science and Technology showcases student-faculty research projects. Student-led research is largely made possible by the Student Initiated Research for Undergraduate Scholars program (SIRIUS) with funds from the Wilson Enhancement Fund for undergraduate research.

Housed in the R. Joe Dennis Learning Center on the main campus, the Science Center's goal is to connect students with other students, alumni, and faculty who have similar research interests in the sciences, and spawn ideas and innovation for further research by more undergraduate and graduate students.

Natural Science Lab

Studies in the natural sciences at Bellevue University include Biology, Chemistry, Sustainability, Pre-professional, and Psychology. Our undergraduate and graduate students are taught by experts in the field at a world-class institution with state-of-art laboratories. Rarely do students in many other universities have opportunities to pursue a research interest at the undergraduate level. We encourage this enterprise at Bellevue University and want you to come join us. For more information, go to