Course Clusters

Three courses—one focus. Moves you miles ahead.

Imagine if you could spend time concentrated on honing your skills to become a better communicator - academically, professionally, and personally. Or, you could focus on how to get the most use out of essential business tools by learning how to work smarter and more efficiently. Effective communication, technology, and other core skills can help you gain confidence and improve your academic performance.

Course clusters, such as “Effectively Communicating Yourself” and “Microsoft Office Essentials,” offer such an opportunity. A cluster ties together three interrelated classes into one term. Each series encompasses one theme in core subjects and is designed to build skills that prepare you for further courses. The goal is to make connections between academic, business, and real-life scenarios in which communication, critical thinking, and diversity all play a role. In the process of connecting-the-dots, you will engage in discussions of complex issues with classmates and instructors and prepare for in-depth study in your chosen field.

Move Yourself Ahead

Talk with your Student Coach or enrollment counselor about your options. See the full list of Course Clusters.


A cluster is like taking the stairs three-at-a-time.

  • Efficient: Three classes-in-one. Roll over into the next subject in a series - without re-enrolling.
  • Satisfies general education and electives. Most clusters fulfill one or more of the general education designated area requirements; all fulfill elective requirements.
  • Continuity and cohesiveness: Learn together with the same instructor and classmates for the entire term.
  • Financial aid-qualified: Maintain fulltime status with one course cluster series.
  • Flexible and convenient: Offered in-class or online. Clusters are offered every term.*
  • You can take one traditional term course while taking a course cluster, if you choose.


Because of the intensive, accelerated nature of course clusters, we recommend that you successfully complete 9 credit hours of general education or electives prior to enrolling in one of the core clusters, and 20 credit hours prior to enrolling in a 300/400 level cluster. Before enrolling in the Kirkpatrick Signature Series cluster, you must complete 60 credit hours.

*A summer term course cluster is 10 weeks in length.