Integrative General Education

Every class you take should give you something in return

At Bellevue University, you'll complete a core curriculum that reimagines the liberal arts tradition, and builds knowledge and skills for a career that stands the test of time.

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Active Learning

Active Learning — a future-proof approach to career focused degrees.

Industries will change. Technology will evolve. The direction you're headed today may shift course. Through it all, a Bellevue University degree stays with you.

Our distinctive active learning experience and curriculum design go far beyond helping you build specialized knowledge for your chosen field. They prepare you with a toolkit of skills that will assist you for a lifetime — both in and out of the workplace.

See how active learning comes to life in Integrative General Education

Foundational Courses

Success in today's world isn't just about understanding a specific subject. It's about knowing how to apply logic to complex problems, understand fundamentals of today's industries, and develop tools for communicating your ideas clearly to influence others.

With these foundational courses, you'll build a stable knowledge base to help you succeed.

Integrative Courses

The most effective problem solvers and leaders understand the context of what's happening around them. That comes from exploring the many facets of the human condition—our behaviors, our culture, and our natural world.

By selecting courses from these key categories, you'll develop critical thinking skills you'll need to ask important questions and find the truth behind the challenges you'll face in your career — and in life.

Civic Leadership Courses

(The Kirkpatrick Signature Series or "KSS"*)

Ultimately, your education should help you become a better citizen and steward of your community. And success in your career is only one part of that journey.

The rest comes from understanding the values that hold our society together and keep us progressing forward. Through these courses, you'll do just that.

*There are no substitutions or transfer courses for the Kirkpatrick Signature Series. The Kirkpatrick Signature Series is not required for the completion of the Bellevue University Associate of Science degree.

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What You'll Learn

The four Integrative General Education program outcomes focus on acquiring foundational skills; integrating knowledge across the curriculum; developing ethical, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities; and preparing students for their roles as local and global citizens:

  • Communicate effectively by developing the habits of clear and ethical writing, speaking, and presentation.
  • Integrate theory and practice by applying broad-based knowledge and skills to real-world questions and problems.
  • Analyze and synthesize information from multiple bodies of knowledge and perspectives to make principled judgements about complex issues.
  • Practice citizenship that supports human dignity and recognizes diverse viewpoints and value.

A Distinct Approach to General Education

Build skills more effectively through 12-week course clusters.

Many of our general education course options can be taken in clusters, which allow you to focus on one theme and build a broad base of relevant, related skills—completing three required courses in one 12-week timeline.

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