Take Charge of Change

Bellevue University partners with more than 75 organizations to offer career-advancing education at affordable tuition rates.

Nothing gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to make the most of changing times than education. And few universities offer the success-enabling learning programs, many developed in partnership with employers, that Bellevue University does.

We call it Real Learning for Real Life.

Some of the nation’s largest companies partner with us to assure their workforce has the skills, talent and knowledge they need to keep their companies competitive.

Real Learning for Real Life is rich, career-relevant education based on current corporate needs and decades of experience delivering career-advancing education to motivated working adults. With Real Learning for Real Life, you’re prepared to step up – regardless of how the world changes, jobs change, or you change.

Does your company partner with us?

Check out the enhanced education benefits you may qualify for here.

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Dean Rebecca Murdock Video

Rebecca Murdock, Ed.D., MBA, Dean of the College of Business at Bellevue University, talks about why Bellevue University is a leader in online learning.

Dean Rick Koch Video

Rick Koch, Dean of Design & Development at Bellevue University talks about how to effectively create and deliver online learning, based on a 25 year history of online learning.